A different way to re-focus on conditioned stimuli


A different way to re-focus on conditioned stimuli

WRITTEN: 4/20/06


Would you believe that everyone’s perception of a stimulus is always the same(in intensity), but they get bored and with it from time,but it actually has the same effect on them.

Is there a different way to represent these conditioned stimulus’s in slightly different “light” so that people will re-recognize how interested the stimulus was, and experience it again as if it were a first time shock. Always has same power, but how to bring it out.

Creating new relationships involving a stimulus will cause this reaction.

I convince myself I don’t feel it anymore, but I later realized this connection, so now the stimulus has new deeper power, because it is a stimulus that had previously been known, but you learned new drastic changes of it bringing it to a more powerful understanding. People have these breakthroughs in very small proportions.


You thought life was one way, but from something you realize your life in the past had been much deeper impacting mentally, but you didn’t recognize it at the time. Experiencing a stimulus once will be a quick glimpse. Once it has grown and developed into a mentally stored stimulus (from either a onetime powerful glimpse, or repeated experience), it can be reevaluated based upon new realizations. These events cause a deep profound impact on people, and often cause them to change mental set.


Which stimuli should we focus on reacquainting people with? The most widespread and profound deep impact

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