Expectation vs. Anticipation & Probable vs. Possibility


From A conversation By: Victor & Austin

On: 5/20/06


Expectation vs. Anticipation

High expectation (from repeating a specified stimulus) = high anticipation of the person to experience that stimulus. High expectations only occur when the stimulus has only been experiences a few times. Eventually they become desensitized and grow to expect a response to a stimulus. This expectation is joined with little anticipation, since they are bored of the stimulus.

Probable vs. Possibility

People expect the probable, but if they experience a possible instead, then their anticipation level is raised again (or is it that there is a lower expectation of your anticipation). This keeps people entertained and tuned into the flowing interaction with the specified stimulus. No abrupt impossible/ erratic changes in peoples following of the stimulus’s (TV is the opposite, constant change of flow at each commercial cut)

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