WELCOME to my NEW Blog! After i finish bulk uploading old posts -> I will start making some new ones! I also have a lot of past materials to post. I don't know why i took so long to upgrade my personal website to Drupal, but now that it's done -> I plan on making it my best website!Read more
I am excited ro launch a new feature that will compile the best ideas that I come by which will help save the world in the present and in the future. The ideas will vary from personal habits that are breakthroughs to societal methods that can be deployed to save us all by reducing efforts and improving the quality of our outcomes. No longer should we allow each other to get lost in wonder over why certain simple tasks or problems can't be resolved, so I am compiling the best of the best here, then adding a vote updown feature, then I will be submitting these ideas to 100s or 1000s of highly specialized individuals and institutions around the planet, Sorry for taking...Read more
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Today I am driving down to Transparency Camp in Arlington Virginia. "TransparencyCamp is an “unconference” for opengov: an event where, each year, journalists, developers, technologists, policy-makers, government officials, students, academics, wonks, and everyone in between gather to share their knowledge about how to use new technologies and policies to make our government really work for the people -- and to help our people work smarter with our government." My goal this weekend is to partner with the Sunlight Foundation to bring the President Wikis Network to the next level. President Wikis was started...Read more
I have been really busy lately... I will be posting much more often, now that I have trimmed down the # of projects I am working on. My photo album is now up and running. Here's a few pictures... 20217219618 In association with , will be taking on some extra work these next few months. These consulting jobs should provide a stable basis for future growth. We will be working 11-4 Monday thru Friday for the next few months. You may reach us for direct FREE support during this time at... Phone: 585-733-2088 Email: AIM: custom100team Please take advantage of this opportunity... has been added to . This social network will help increase exposure. We...Read more
This week has been filled with exciting new developments. The President Wikis Network has been drastically enhanced this week. The new Constitution wiki was added to further ensure the power of PWN, and the new Digg Widget is providing valuable up-to-the-minute news. The # of people visiting PWN websites has increased by over 150% in the past 2 weeks! Digg also just released a new widget. What great timing!!! The widget has already been integrated with PWN & will soon be done with the rest of Timeless Domain Websites. This widget will provide the ability for people to integrate their websites with our individual websites & will also provide a drastic amount...Read more
There is a Whole Bunch Of Philosophical, Mathematical, Ethical, Etc. papers/ entries that I wrote over the past 2 years. It all started with that question: What is there to do in a room of people that is as entertaining as TV but as interactive communicatively as an in depth conversation (if not more). No one had an answer. It was either an old fashioned method lacking technology, or an inter-dispersed entertainment method. My conclusion after a few weeks was that Interactive Media was the future. I could go on for hours about it now, but I'll save that for the next upcoming posts. Some of the posts will probably be unedited at first then re-edited and combined with...Read more
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