Roadway Cleansing Method Through Regular Harvesting Of Toxin Collecting Plants

Our roadways leak toxins into the enironment, so we should at a minimum grow toxin collecting grasses along the roadways that are harvested monthly and disposed of in landfills.  What other methods do we truly have?  This is a simple way to to resolve the toxins from our major roadways,

Your food should not be interferred with. What you choose to consume should not be regulated. If what you consume causes you to harm others then there is laws for dealing with such behaviors. Food sovereignty is a very powerful movement which has recently been brought to light by a town in Maine. Here is an article to learn more. Maine Town Passes Local Food and Community Self-Governance Ordinance, Becomes First in US to Declare Food Sovereignty . “ the ordinance allows buyer and seller to enter their own agreement which overrides the regulation of government when dealing with transactions involving local foods.” Read the Ordinance in full (PDF) . Other communities...Read more
Monsanto Tomato
Here is some health-related research that you may find very interesting (as it is 100% applicable to anyone who lives in the USA & eats food.) There is chemical warfare going on right now in the food industry, and if you do not choose sides, the rest of your life & all your future descendants will suffer.It is obvious who cares about health research/application and who doesn’t – and this will become more obvious in the years to come as people age. Productive longevity will only be provided to those whom work hard for it during the next century (& in the future). By work I do not mean make money, I mean active R&D and personal application. Being...Read more
Have you read about or watched that New Documentary: SiCKO ?Its the newest Michael Moore movie... About the American Health Care system .... Why Michael Moore's SiCKO is a health care documentary every American must see Well basically, I am sure that a lot of people already thought what Michael Moore made mainstream. You all have friends who don't have healthcare. But even more evident than that has been blatant misrepresentations of cures. Not only was Rick Ross (the 1st biggest cocaine dealer in the USA early 1970s) paid & supplied by the US government to bring in cocaine during the end of the disco era and beyond into the 1990s. The government has since used...Read more
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