President WIkis

Confidence in our politicians and in particular our top leaders can easily be established through this method.  Wikipedia is not enough.  We need to know and monitor everything about our leaders and possible leaders.  Eventually to run for President Of The UNited States or any other respected country you will/ they will have to have an open to the public wiki outlining everything about them.

The Mayan Civilization used advanced techniques to measure the solar systems output of various energies. They even went as far as to link personality traits up to specific alignments of their calendars (Uniquely occurring on specific Gregorian calendar dates.) Their measurement of time over 5000 years ago is far precise than the current Gregorian system (Which is in use by the USA & most of the world today). Here are a few services to learn more about and test out the Mayan system.1) MAYAN DAILY ENERGY CALENDAR (Updated Daily) * Learn the daily energy through the Daily Tozolkin Calendar* Reminds you of parts of your life that could have been forgotten2) MAYAN...Read more
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