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Confidence in our politicians and in particular our top leaders can easily be established through this method.  Wikipedia is not enough.  We need to know and monitor everything about our leaders and possible leaders.  Eventually to run for President Of The UNited States or any other respected country you will/ they will have to have an open to the public wiki outlining everything about them.

How to kill cooperation Interpreting facts presented to you by others as opinions & not doing further research to solidify your point of view (or actively avoiding determining the best solution out of alternatives as identified by opportunity cost) Interpreting questions as accusatory statements, then responding to the fact that a perceived accusatory statement was made, instead of just answering the question I am tired of facts being labeled as “opinions.” I am tired of questions being turned into perceived accusative statements. Examples ("force" is implied through repetition) 1) ME: When do you want to work on XYZ? THEM: Why are you trying to force me to do...Read more
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So I was just browsing to catch some of the latest documentary-style TV shows & I noticed something. The # 69530 with the word Views attached to it. I thought to myself "hmm... that seems like a lot of views, which reality/ documentary TV shows have more views?" So I started browsing, and the more i browsed -> the more shocked I became. There was NO SHOWS WITH MORE VIEWS THAN JERSEY SHORE! Absolutely disgusting! What the hell are people doing with their lives watching crap like that? And so many... Why does it have to be #1...? Humanity just took a big step down in my book. Hopefully this is all a miscalculation by me. Hopefully the views are just so high...Read more
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