Roadway Cleansing Method Through Regular Harvesting Of Toxin Collecting Plants

Our roadways leak toxins into the enironment, so we should at a minimum grow toxin collecting grasses along the roadways that are harvested monthly and disposed of in landfills.  What other methods do we truly have?  This is a simple way to to resolve the toxins from our major roadways,

President WIkis

Confidence in our politicians and in particular our top leaders can easily be established through this method.  Wikipedia is not enough.  We need to know and monitor everything about our leaders and possible leaders.  Eventually to run for President Of The UNited States or any other respected country you will/ they will have to have an open to the public wiki outlining everything about them.

This is an unedited strategy paper I wrote back in 2008 for a business class @ UB. Not much has changed, but some has, due to certain things becoming possible that were not possible in the past. Please feel free to leave some comments, suggestions or maybe share some strategies of your own. I filed a DBA as Timeless Domain over 1 year ago. My company is a sole proprietorship, so I personally am a business. I started to design physical product inventions 3+ years ago, and upon doing research on these ideas, I discovered the emerging domaining industry. I currently own 300+ domain names and am currently in the process of R&D a business plan that can help me be...Read more
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