During my final year of college I wrote a business plan on buying and selling domain names for one of my classes. Download the beta Domaining Training Business Plan It is in beta form because the business plan is also available on a wiki @ . I setup Domaining Training to outline the domain name industry (& relating fields) with external links integrated throughout the wiki. Check out Domaining Training Phase 2 of my domaining business will launch in a few months... In the meantime check out this custom domaining dictionary. AvLW Domaining Industry Dictionary “Type-in” domain name: Generic words or terms (describing a product or...Read more
Check out my latest list of extensions firefox 3/ themes / settings. This list was created in a few clicks with InfoLister 0.10. Extensions ColorfulTabs 3.5 Cooliris Copy Link Text 1.3 Dictionary Lookup Extension 1.5 Dictionary Tooltip 1.3 Digg Firefox Extension 0.6.4 Digg Toolbar for Firefox 1.0.2 [disabled] DownThemAll! 1.0.3 Extension Tracker 3.5.2 [disabled] Fast Dial 2.11 FEBE 6.0.3 Firefox Showcase Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer 2.5.0 Google Gears InfoLister 0.10 No Squint NoScript Undo Closed Tabs Button 3.0.3 Veoh Browser Plug-in 1.3 Themes (2): Default 3.0.3 Noia 2.0 (eXtreme) 3.52 [selected] SETTINGS...Read more
There is a new product around making all industry sectors buzz. This product is truly a new opportunity that has never seen market truly until the last decade of human history. Domain names are an emerging new product and industry. The marketing strategies of domainers (one who buys and sells domain names) have evolved drastically over the past few years. One key element of marketing domain names that is different than marketing any other legal product, is the inability to be able to directly market (approach them personally) a domain name to a person/ business based upon relatedness of keywords. This can bring about legal cases where a domain name must be forfeited...Read more
3 Types of Real Estate physical real estate Property/ land/ buildings business real estate Wall Street stock digital real estate Domain names physical real estate Property/ land/ buildings are a decent investment, but there are many properties in a geographic vicinity (not truly unique) & monopolizing this type of investment is expensive. The housing-bust across the US makes this option look worse long-term. This market is also tied closely to the US Dollar, since the physical real estate is located within the United States. business real estate The stock market has a very questionable long-term outlook. The NY stock exchange has the US Dollar @ its center. This...Read more
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