This is an unedited strategy paper I wrote back in 2008 for a business class @ UB. Not much has changed, but some has, due to certain things becoming possible that were not possible in the past. Please feel free to leave some comments, suggestions or maybe share some strategies of your own. I filed a DBA as Timeless Domain over 1 year ago. My company is a sole proprietorship, so I personally am a business. I started to design physical product inventions 3+ years ago, and upon doing research on these ideas, I discovered the emerging domaining industry. I currently own 300+ domain names and am currently in the process of R&D a business plan that can help me be...Read more
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ISyNews.com will soon be a tv news digg rss aggregator mashup! I designed this whole site in 1 day! It works as a great beta version for later mods. Digg.com is a great website in general, but I wanted to develop some smaller communities focused upon certain topics of common interest. All they have to do is choose nearly any rss feed & the ISyNews mashup will split the individual rss entries apart & grab videos (for full-screen embedding on site) + pics (for thumbnails). Marketing.. I Syndicate my Own News (choose your sources wisely) I See News (with your eyes) This IS the News (with popular logic) Is it News? (with finite resolution) etc.ISyNews - I see...Read more
During my final year of college I wrote a business plan on buying and selling domain names for one of my classes. Download the beta Domaining Training Business Plan It is in beta form because the business plan is also available on a wiki @ http://domainingtraining.com/plan . I setup Domaining Training to outline the domain name industry (& relating fields) with external links integrated throughout the wiki. Check out Domaining Training Phase 2 of my domaining business will launch in a few months... In the meantime check out this custom domaining dictionary. AvLW Domaining Industry Dictionary “Type-in” domain name: Generic words or terms (describing a product or...Read more
TOP WIKIS (In no particular order) The following wikis are being pursued by Timeless Domain (all domain name variations owned are probably not listed) Audio Video wiki – http://AVwiki.com (audio/video products and methods) - being re-launched Wiki Bookmarks - http://wikiBookmarks.com (public "bookmarking" systems, user-driven online resources) Timeless Domain wiki - http://Timelesswiki.com / http://TDWiki.com (usage is implied by name) Domaining wiki - http://DomainingTraining.com (How to buy & sell domain names) Law/ Legal wiki - http://ConstitutionWiki.org (usage is implied by name) Global Warming wiki - http://wikiglobalwarming.org + http://wikigw.org (usage...Read more
Backup Internet :A one-stop resource for all you would need, if the internet happens to crash... permanently... Documentary Pedia : A wiki outlining every documentary created by category, to provide multiple sources/ links to watch the videos at & just as many places to discuss and learn more about them. OpenIDWiki : outlining the OpenID movement in a wiki OpenIDCMS : Think of OpenSourceCMS.com , but instead outlining OpenID Content Management Systems OpenIDAvatars : A place to host your OpenID Avatar/ User Account . Next up, an OpenID Social Network builder (Connecting the common interests of OpenID users, much in the same way that Facebook does) ???What is...Read more
This is an open research project that I just started. THIS IS EDIT #1 Written : Austin 18:18, 25 March 2008 (EDT). All Links in this project lead to wiki bookmarks (though not all pages have been created yet AvLW TREND - Open Source Programming Driving The Empowering of People Open Source CMS (Content Management Systems) will continue to grow in popularity, potentials of their advanced features, ease of creation and of use. The general public will catch on by 2010, and the power in society will be shifted to the people. Natural power from people empowering each other with Free Relevant Information will take hold of most aspects of society. These Open Source CMS will...Read more
Evolution of the Information Economy set free by restriction causing natural dispersion ''ETHICS AND CONCLUSION FOR RESEARCH PAPER ON THE RECENT STUDENT LOAN SCANDALS * '''I wrote the following after reading up some more and trying to reach a conclusion that the teacher hasn't heard before (thus we get a higher grade). Basically these paragraphs say that the current education system is based upon restricting information (with debt burdens) for financial gain by misleading through distracting students with irrelevant inward memorization, while compared to the opposite freedom based self-education system(incubator lifestyle) of learning information which creates...Read more
I found this article on the Digg Founders Profile after signing up today. http://digg.com/political_opinion/The_Information_Economy The Information Economy By Cory Doctorow, in The Guardian. MY RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE ARTICLE (READ ARTICLE IT FIRST!)"The thinking is simple: an information economy must be based on buying and selling information. Therefore, we need policies to make it harder to get access to information unless you've paid for it." I disagree heavily with this idea. Buying & Selling should never be the focus of work, but rather the life experiences. People who just want the $$ will just push their minds to work up until they reached a certain pay...Read more
The Mayan Civilization used advanced techniques to measure the solar systems output of various energies. They even went as far as to link personality traits up to specific alignments of their calendars (Uniquely occurring on specific Gregorian calendar dates.) Their measurement of time over 5000 years ago is far precise than the current Gregorian system (Which is in use by the USA & most of the world today). Here are a few services to learn more about and test out the Mayan system.1) MAYAN DAILY ENERGY CALENDAR (Updated Daily) * Learn the daily energy through the Daily Tozolkin Calendar* Reminds you of parts of your life that could have been forgotten2) MAYAN...Read more
TD Motto Option #1: TO CREATE A WORLD OF HIGHLY INFORMED SELF EDUCATORS. TD Motto Option #2: Centralizing all websites within an industry and logically redistributing perpetually compiled information and multimedia. My Values 1) Incubator Work-In Life Focus (Combine Personal & Business Life) 2) Life-Dedicated Self Educator 3) Positive Global Network creator 4) Freedom for all 5) Transparency as an Ever-Growing Focus My Future Goals 1) Creating a world of highly-informed self educators 2) Establishing a public self-sufficiency & self-education program 3) Improving the mental and physical health of those around me, as well as the public 4) Identifying...Read more
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