Blogs June/2007

American Healthcare System & a network of headless bandits

Have you read about or watched that New Documentary: SiCKO ?Its the newest Michael Moore movie... About the American Health Care system .... Why Michael Moore's SiCKO is a health care documentary every American must see Well basically, I am sure that a lot of people already thought what Michael Moore made mainstream. You all have friends who don't have healthcare. But even more evident than that has been blatant misrepresentations of cures. Not only was Rick Ross (the 1st biggest cocaine dealer in the USA early 1970s) paid & supplied by the US government to bring in cocaine during the end of the disco era and beyond into the 1990s. The government has since used...Read more

Recommended Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox

Recommended Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox While Opera provides the most security comparatively to most other browsers, Firefoxs' open-source approach has allowed independent programmers to create and distribute valuable integrated tools & themes. Choosing the right ones will have a significant effect with the potential usages of online content as well as ensure higher level security. Some add-ons may contain malicious code, so make sure that ones chosen are supported/ recognized by Firefox. Various setting should be chosen, but I will get into this in later posts. Here is my recommended list.... SETTINGS SUGGESTIONS To Erase ALL Browsing Data Automatically upon...Read more