Blogs March/2011

Open Source Programming is Driving the Empowering of People: The Wiki CMS Potentially Provides the Highest Level of Natural Power Out of All Open Source Software Programmed to Date.

I wrote this back in 2008. It is one of many past unedited writings to come. Once again. Not much has changed. Some of it has become even more relevant with the times. Open Source CMS (Content Management Systems) will continue to grow in popularity, potentials of their advanced features, ease of creation and of use. The general public will catch on by 2010, and the power in society will be shifted to the people. Natural power from people empowering each other with Free Relevant Information will take hold of most aspects of society. These Open Source CMS will bring about a relative golden age of business transparency, c2c social collaboration and a much higher level...Read more

Personal Strategy Paper - June 3, 2008

This is an unedited strategy paper I wrote back in 2008 for a business class @ UB. Not much has changed, but some has, due to certain things becoming possible that were not possible in the past. Please feel free to leave some comments, suggestions or maybe share some strategies of your own. I filed a DBA as Timeless Domain over 1 year ago. My company is a sole proprietorship, so I personally am a business. I started to design physical product inventions 3+ years ago, and upon doing research on these ideas, I discovered the emerging domaining industry. I currently own 300+ domain names and am currently in the process of R&D a business plan that can help me be...Read more

Food Sovereignty - The Key To A Long Life

Your food should not be interferred with. What you choose to consume should not be regulated. If what you consume causes you to harm others then there is laws for dealing with such behaviors. Food sovereignty is a very powerful movement which has recently been brought to light by a town in Maine. Here is an article to learn more. Maine Town Passes Local Food and Community Self-Governance Ordinance, Becomes First in US to Declare Food Sovereignty . “ the ordinance allows buyer and seller to enter their own agreement which overrides the regulation of government when dealing with transactions involving local foods.” Read the Ordinance in full (PDF) . Other communities...Read more

Internet For Everyone! A Human Right.

I recently came across this post on reddit & instantly became inspired. Everyone should check out this organization! The following excerpt is taken from the about us page: Imagine a future where everyone on earth has a voice. MISSION: The mission of is to improve the human condition by advocating for and safeguarding global access to information as a human right. We serve to facilitate mans ability to contribute and access knowledge, to further mankind’s ability to receive, seek and impart information and ideas. Our vision is to connect all people by creating and stewarding a freely available decentralized...Read more

What the hell is wrong with people?

Screenshot of Stats
So I was just browsing to catch some of the latest documentary-style TV shows & I noticed something. The # 69530 with the word Views attached to it. I thought to myself "hmm... that seems like a lot of views, which reality/ documentary TV shows have more views?" So I started browsing, and the more i browsed -> the more shocked I became. There was NO SHOWS WITH MORE VIEWS THAN JERSEY SHORE! Absolutely disgusting! What the hell are people doing with their lives watching crap like that? And so many... Why does it have to be #1...? Humanity just took a big step down in my book. Hopefully this is all a miscalculation by me. Hopefully the views are just so high...Read more