Drupal Customer Formatters Repository Launched


Within the last 12 hours I contacted the creator of the Custom Formatters module for Drupal trying to find out if there was a centralized place for Custom Formatters & I offered to make one if there wasn't.  .  Stuart informed me that there was not currently a place, and that he was too busy to build one.  The idea of using Drupal.org was floated, but it doesn't have the level of filtering that we will need for this project.  The goal of this project is to reduce repeated work among the Drupal community.  Saving people time and making society more efficient.  Custom Formatters is going to be one of the primary ways to display data on quite possibly the top feature-filled cms for years to come.  There will be 100s or 1000s of custom formatters ready for everyone to use!  Open Source = Freedom

"The Custom Formatters module allows users to easily create custom CCK Formatters without the need to write a custom module."

"CustomFormatters.com will be the repository for all the http://drupal.org/project/custom_formatters add-on custom formatter coding. We will tag formatters with field types, formatter type & # of fields. Field types will be linked to modules. Users can rate & comment on custom formatters. Users can mark related formatters.


We will also catalog all the tutorial on how to create custom field formatters. All text, audio, and video tutorials will be downloaded & served locally. This will be the all-in-one place for everything you need to know about Drupal Custom Formatters!"

Drupal Custom Field Formatters