Drupal now has over 10,000 modules!


Drupal now has over 10,000 modules!  10,000+ quick & easy add-ons to enhance the features of your Drupal setup.  It is amazing how far the community has come.  My position in the community is not necessarily a coder or a business consumer.  Rather I am a manager of modules.  I seek to learn about every single module & exactly how those modules work together.  Instead of wasting time custom coding I assume that the features are already being developed by the community.  If I find a similar feature, I will submit issues to enhance that feature to have the ideal composition.  Long-term being a Manager of Modules is the ideal position to be in the community.  Up until May 2011 I had knowledge of nearly every module for Drupal, but a recent trend has made that much harder.  The conversion from CVS to GIT brought with it a tidal wave of new coding.  Previously only 5-10 new modules we released a day (max), now there are 25-50 modules released per day!  This is a 5-10X increase.  It has been very overwhelming, so now I have to change my system.  Instead of just learning about new Drupal modules in my free-time, I now have to set aside a lot of extra time.  Though I don't mind, because Drupal will be able to do nearly everything in the future, so in order to stay @ the leading edge I am willing to make sacrifices. 

Future Trends - Since modules and themes are exponentially increasing in # now, we can expect to see the same from Features and Distributions.  Hopefully though many of the new modules being designed for for Drupal will be made from Features composed of of highly customizable modules (ex. rules/triggers/actions).

I will be launching TimelessDrupal.com sometime in the near future.  It will be an all in one place where I map out the Drupal community.

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