Blogs 2013

BitFarms - A Directory of Farms that Accept Bitcoin for Food

Organic vegetable garden, Kadoorie Farm, New Territories, Hong Kong
I am proud to announce the launch of BitFarms. Bitfarms will help bitcoin become more integrated with the most vital areas of society. Farmers provide what we all need but often the long-term value of their crops is diminished by inflation and artificial competition from subsidies. By encouraging farms to accept bitcoin we can help make sure that the backbone of our society has wealth for generations to come. This system even has the power to encourage new participants in the farming industry as those who are seeking to become wealthy in bitcoin can simply become legit farmers. Right now most crops are industrially grown, but consumer demand is pushing big business...Read more

Shifting Power Through Alternating Currencies

Is there anything that would operate as an ideal currency? Power throughout history has been centered around money. Money controls the masses through voluntary coercion. Money is most commonly expressed through a currency. Currencies could be anything from tulips, dollars, gold or bitcoin. Other forms of intrinsic currency include admiration, indemnification, and life value through collaborative goal-seeking. With power and money comes the ability to control what happens in the future. This has been known for a long time. Logically the system has been manipulated. Historically there has been no way of knowing if the entities that are controlling the value of a...Read more