Shifting Power Through Alternating Currencies


Is there anything that would operate as an ideal currency? Power throughout history has been centered around money. Money controls the masses through voluntary coercion. Money is most commonly expressed through a currency. Currencies could be anything from tulips, dollars, gold or bitcoin. Other forms of intrinsic currency include admiration, indemnification, and life value through collaborative goal-seeking. With power and money comes the ability to control what happens in the future. This has been known for a long time. Logically the system has been manipulated. Historically there has been no way of knowing if the entities that are controlling the value of a currency are truly being ethical and forthright. Due to these factors knowledgeable beings are left questioning the basis of a very important aspect of reality. What is the true deal with our current form of currency? Is our money truly worth what it should be worth? Is our time and effort truly represented by the money that we are often reimbursed with? For many people in the US and in first world countries our efforts are reimbursed well, though like a slowly boiling frog, our efforts are not being carried into future generations as they should be. Who is sapping the value of our money? The institutions that control the production of our currencies are logically the ones who control the rate of inflation or deflation. Inflation dilutes savings while a true currency should maintain a stable conversion value. New digital currencies may create a long-term exception to gold and silver as they allow for deflation. Gold and silver would deflate if allowed, but bitcoin has much further to deflate long-term due to its ease of use. So much of what goes on in our society today is controlled by who has the money. Most of it is old money. Money derived from corrupt printing presses. Many systems have toppled only to be immediately replaced by numerous others. It is obvious that power holders know that the power of currencies fluctuates. Many times the ones that climb to the top fall to the bottom. The most stable ones are forcefully ignored as they can't be manipulated as much. Identifying the shifts in the powers of currencies is probably the most valuable thing that members in powerful lineages have done. With the increasing intensity of the world economy there is bound to be more shifts on the way. The power holders know this and have historically prepared. They may even cause such shifts since the first participants get the most powerful positions while the late entrants are left with less optimistic positions. Luckily there are many types of currencies on the market today. Technology has allowed for vast amounts of resources to be used as currencies and the black markets would surely continue to push these should the fiat currencies collapse.  Fiat by definition cannot be sustainable. Leveraging real world resources with fiat currencies tends to intertwine the market forces which can make the fiat a necessary evil, but as by definition fiat is not sustainable. The shifting of power beyond the US dollar is bound to happen soon due to increasing market forces, but will it be to an international currency linked to gold or will it be to a digital currency or will it be into oblivion (anarchy resource-based economy)? It would be nice if current US laws allowed for competing currencies (limited to fed USD), but we are trapped. If you were smart you would be thinking about what currency the power holders will manipulate next, or will the next premier currency be one that cannot be manipulated? Many power struggles will happen the next few years, fortunes will be made and lost, but will you maintain the value of your efforts for future generations or will you allow it to be stolen by power hungry manipulators?