BitFarms - A Directory of Farms that Accept Bitcoin for Food


I am proud to announce the launch of BitFarms. Bitfarms will help bitcoin become more integrated with the most vital areas of society. Farmers provide what we all need but often the long-term value of their crops is diminished by inflation and artificial competition from subsidies. By encouraging farms to accept bitcoin we can help make sure that the backbone of our society has wealth for generations to come. This system even has the power to encourage new participants in the farming industry as those who are seeking to become wealthy in bitcoin can simply become legit farmers. Right now most crops are industrially grown, but consumer demand is pushing big business slowly towards organic and gmo-free crops. Most people who eat organic food enjoy a wider variety of plant species in their meals daily. Most of the rarer crops are grown by local farmers & these crops are usually not subsidized by the government. The industrial farmers with their gmo crops are often fully subsidized. The unbalanced marketplace has got to eventually end. Consumer demand and bitcoin have the power to help make the industry shift from having the majority of farms being gmo/ pesticide to becoming organic. As the value of bitcoin rises the local farmers will become richer & will be able to further invest in their farms and local communities. Hopefully many of them will become rich enough to be able to launch business models that help drive the change in the industry that we all know is needed so badly. Lets do it. Let the power of bitcoin overpower the damage that subsidies has done to our food supply!

Funding Organic Farming Through Cryptocurrencies