Sharing Ideas To Help Save The World


I am excited to launch a new feature that will compile the best ideas that I come by which will help save the world in the present and in the future.  The ideas will vary from personal habits that are breakthroughs to societal methods that can be deployed to save us all by reducing efforts and improving the quality of our outcomes.  No longer should we allow each other to get lost in wonder over why certain simple tasks or problems can't be resolved, so I am compiling the best of the best here, then adding a vote updown feature, then I will be submitting these ideas to 100s or 1000s of highly specialized individuals and institutions around the planet,  Sorry for taking so long to update my blog but I was highly distracted by medical problems but have since been blessed with 1000x increased sensitivity and awareness due to such.  As a result I feel that the best contributions I can make are to help realize and then distribute the best of the best rather than focusing on gaining money and power myself.